Kitchen Design Trends

Whether building a new kitchen or undergoing a kitchen renovation, you should be aware of these current kitchen design trends. Some have been around a while. Some have become hot only recently.

Muted Kitchen Cabinetry
Muted cabinet colors are in vogue, especially some form of white cabinetry, gray cabinetry, and black cabinetry.

Light Kitchen Countertops
Lighter colored countertops are in style, especially 3cm quartz and granite. There are many new colors in both quartz and granite on the market today.

Rectangular shapes in tiles for countertop backsplashes are also popular. A take-off on the old subway tiles are actually part of the craze.

Popular sizes are 3×6, 2×8, 2×4, 4 1/4×12 ¾ and 3×12). These tiles can be set in many patterns: brick (running bond), straight – both horizontally & vertically, 1/3 offset, and so on.

Hidden Kitchen Appliances
The trend of concealing kitchen appliances continues featuring microwave drawers that recess into base cabinets and counter-depth French-door refrigerators

Beautiful stainless steel appliances also continue to be in style, when you can’t or don’t want to conceal them.

Kitchen Faucets that Know You’re There
Faucets that are activated by touch or motion are all the rage, but not just for their coolness factor. Their practicality cannot be denied.

Smart Kitchens
Smart Kitchens are just now beginning to hit the market. But soon, within five years or so, they be in every state-of-the-art kitchen.